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Our sheds and storage buildings are affordably priced and require no maintenance. Storing garden equipment, workshop tools, and outdoor furniture in a plastic shed offers an ideal outdoor plastic storage solution.

Sturdy, durable and waterproof, plastic sheds keep your possessions dry, safe and secure, whatever the weather is. Making plastic outdoor storage sheds the perfect practical solution for your outdoor area.  

Our plastic sheds and other outdoor storage solutions come in a range of innovative designs, including vertical, horizontal and compact. Offering plastic outdoor storage of the highest quality, they are  incredibly versatile, suited to all types of outdoor equipment, including bikes, sports accessories, gardening equipment and machinery. 

Practical, affordable and low maintenance – these are just some of the advantages of outdoor plastic storage buildings and plastic sheds, the perfect addition to every outdoor area, whether garden, patio, balcony or porch.


STORAGE is something that is always needed in one’s home, no matter its size, is storage. It seems as if one can never have enough space to store tools, old things, and large items.

We offer many storage solutions that not only succeed in creating storage space but also do so in an attractive and pleasant manner.  

Why not make use of your deck for storage needs as well? From a Garden Bench, which doubles as a deck box, to the Rattan Style Storage Boxes, there are many helpful storage boxes to choose from that will provide additional storage space as well as enhance your outdoor space. Each and every one of our storage boxes ensures quality and outdoor luxury. You will have a place to store garden equipment or toys, and also have an extra seating area.

Easily accessible, these boxes are the perfect way of hiding anything you would rather not leave out on your deck or patio, or in your yard.

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